Welcome to Char Hope Fit

A Lifestyle Studio Driving Fitness and Personal Growth

Char Hope Fit Studio is the place where your wellness grows and flourishes. Striving for a healthier version of yourself is no easy feat, and a little guidance goes a long way, which is where Char steps in, the person behind your personal training.

Whether you’re a preoccupied professional with little time to yourself or a Mum with her hands full, Char develops programs tailored to your needs. Char mixes a love for a challenge with effortless compassion, prioritising you and your comfort in a guaranteed uplifting and welcoming environment.

Make Char Hope Fit your home; all you need to get started on your fitness journey is a desire to see yourself thrive.

Client Testimonials

Jaimee Sands

Since beginning with Char Hope Fit I have gained a better understanding of the exercises I am completing – why we’re doing them and how to do them properly and with the encouragement of Char have seen exponential growth within myself, not only as a person but physically – having built strength and endurance from my workouts. Char’s knowledge in the fitness industry shines through in her sessions and I’m incredibly thankful for our weekly Boxing Inspired workouts – especially because they involve dance parties and lots of fun! If you’re not already training with Char then your missing out – hit her up! You won’t regret it ❤️

Kendell Bardenhagen

I have grown to love training my body thanks to Char! As someone new to mixed weight/cardio training, Char was so patient and adaptable to my strengths and weaknesses. Now we are absolutely smashing goals and having fun while doing it!! ILY❤️

Tahlia Homan

For the short time that I’ve been training with Char, I can honestly say that I’ve seen such a positive change – on the outside AND inside. Not only am I stronger and healthier, I am less stressed, happier and more confident in myself. But the best thing is, working out doesn’t feel like a chore anymore! It’s actually fun (never thought I’d say that haha) and I cant wait to get stronger and stronger as time goes on ❤️

Emily Ross

I’ve been training with Char for over 7 months and I have never been more consistent with an exercise routine. Her approach is friendly, motivating and enjoyable. My fitness and health has improved so much and she is worth every cent! Definitely recommend booking a session if you’re interested!

Char Hughes

I have been training with Char for almost a year now and can’t express how welcoming, educating and supportive she has been along my journey of fitness and wellness. Whether it be weight training, cardio, or circuits she always encourages us and pushes us to reach our goals and our full potential. She has helped me become both physically and mentally stronger by creating such a solace, encouraging and fun environment that makes me so excited to train each week and to be apart of!

Grace Adler

Any PT can just tell you what to do, but it takes a special kind of PT to keep you motivated, inspired, and smiling along the way. Char embodies the latter – she pushes you, holds you accountable but does it with grace and compassion. She has cultivated an environment where you feel comfortable and supported. With Char, you look forward to training (don’t believe me, then you’ll have to sign up and see for yourself).

If you want to feel stronger both physically and mentally – look no further than CharHopeFit.

Marissa Dover

I have been training with char 1-2 times each week for over a year now. Char is the most supportive, motivating, fun-loving personal trainer I have ever worked with. Every session is well planned out, making sure to cater to my development goals and pushing me out of my comfort zone. I have seen incredible results physically but have also noticed a HUGE improvement in my overall health and fitness. I cannot recommend Charhopefit enough